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EXTENDED HOLIDAY HOURS: We are open till 7pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until Christmas!

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Welcome to Pleasant View Nursery.

We are located only 2 miles from the Worcester County Airport on Route 122 in Paxton, Massachusetts.

We are a family owned garden center, nursery, and landscaping company servicing both retail and wholesale customers. At our garden center you will find high quality ornamental shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, and native plants. Come spend an afternoon and browse our unique gifts, dried wreaths, Christmas decorations, and garden accessories in our gift shop.

In addition to our full service nursery, we provide landscape design and installation of trees, plants, shrubs, lawns, walkways and patios. We complete projects of any size, both small and large. We have been serving Worcester County for over 30 years and would be happy to help you create a beautiful residential or commercial landscape. Please stop by our nursery or call to set up an appointment at your property.

Fresh Handmade wreaths and roping available!

Hank and Diane have been busy crafting for the holiday season!  We have lots of custom handmade wreath and roping options available, and can make custom orders for your home or business!  Fresh cut trees in every size and variety are available, as well as mixed greens for you to make your own displays.  


Hope to see you this holiday season!


Dyed Mulch- Why we don't sell it

Why We Don’t Sell Dyed Mulch

There are numerous reasons why we don’t recommend to use dyed mulches in the landscape. Aside from looking artificial here are a few more:

Origin of Dyed Mulch

Dyed mulches (black, red, green and other colors) are usually (with few exceptions) made up of recycled wood waste. This trash wood can come from old hardwood pallets, old decking, demolished buildings or worse yet pressure treated CCA lumber. CCA stands for Chromium, Copper and Arsenic; chemicals used to preserve wood. This ground up trash wood is then sprayed with a tinted to cover up inconsistencies in the wood and give it a uniform color.

Effect of Dyed Mulch

This dyed wood mulch does not break down to enrich the soil as good mulch should. Instead it leaches the dye along with the possible contaminants (chromium, copper, arsenic and others) into the soil harming or even killing beneficial soil bacteria, insects, earthworms and sometimes the plants themselves. These wood mulches actually rob the soil of nitrogen by out-competing the plants for the nitrogen they need for their own growth. In addition, they can be hydrophobic and actually prevent water from getting down into the soil and the roots of your plants.

What We Use

We sell only 100% natural bark muches that are natural in color without additives. Shredded bark mulch breaks down over the course of a season or two without the harmful effects of dyed mulches.