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New spring plants arriving daily!

New spring plants arriving daily!

Edible cold crop plants including mixed greens, single variety lettuces, cabbages, and kales are all available!  Pansys to brighten your entryway have arrived.  If there is a hard-frost predicted, be sure to cover your newly installed plants.

Dyed Mulch- Why We Don’t Sell It

Dyed Mulch- Why We Don’t Sell It

There are numerous reasons why we don’t recommend to use dyed mulches in the landscape. Aside from looking artificial here are a few more: Origin of Dyed Mulch Dyed mulches (black, red, green and other colors) are usually (with few exceptions) made up of recycled wood...

Planting Season is Here!

The full moon has passed, and planting season is at its peak! All of our annuals and perennials are in. Come in and see our selection! Be sure to check out our fine assortment of vegetables while they last!

Open for Season! 4/7/2014

Spring flowers, tools, grass seed, bark mulch, loam available! Now Open 7 Days Per Week!!!

Replacing Storm-Damaged Trees

The ice storm of December 2008 took our community by surprise and left a wake of damaged and broken trees. Consider installing small new trees next to older specimens to mitigate the mess! Tree species vary in their resistance to ice accumulation. A tree's...

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