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Brands We Carry

Jeepers Creepers

Creeping groundcover plants.
Jeepers Creepers


Creeping groundcovers perfect for areas with foot traffic.


High quality plants shipped directly from Monrovia Nurseries.

Proven Winners

Annuals and perennais developed for premium flowering and foliage characteristics.
Proven Winners

Trophy Taker Daylillies

Specialty daylillies in hard-to-find colors and specialty varieties.

White Flower Farm Perennials

Specialty perennials shipped directly from White Flower Farm in Connecticut.
White Flower Farm Perennials

Islei Nurseries Specimen Plants

Specimen plants grown and selected by Islei Nurseries in Oregon.

Pink Ribbon Plants

A specialty line of perennials with proceeds benefitting Breast Cancer Foundations.
Pink Ribbon Plants

Knockout Roses and Star Roses

Specialty roses that bloom all summer selected for long flowering time and disease resistance.
The Knockout Rose

Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Specialty easy-to-care-for summer-long blooming hydrangeas.
Endless Summer

Blew Label Perennials

Specialty perennials selected for unusual flowering or foliage characteristics.

Volcano Perennial Phlox

Volcano® Phlox is a new family of Phlox that are sturdy, exceptionally floriferous, and are very tolerant of powdery mildew which plagues most other Phlox.

Raymond Evision Signature Series™ Clematis

The Royal Horticultural Society has crowned a series of clematis promising dazzling new cultivars that bloom much longer than traditional clematis. Bloom after bloom covers the compact vine from the base to the tip from spring till fall. And these beauties have more vigor and disease resistance as well.

Happy Ever Appster Daylily

Happy Ever Appster® daylilies are offspring of the popular ‘Happy Returns’ everblooming daylily and were developed by Dr. Darrel Apps, famous daylily hybridizer.

Water Garden Plants

From Water Hyacinth to Cattails, we carry many varieties of plants for water gardens.

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